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Family coaches can assist you as you navigate your pregnancy and parenting journey. By helping you to identify your parenting and family goals, a coach helps you gain perspective. Family or parenting coaches are available as you prepare for the arrival of your baby, adjust to the birth of your child, navigate your child’s life stages, or expand your family through adoption.

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1. What is a parenting coach?
2. What types of family coaches are there?
3. How can a family or parenting coach help me?
4. What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
5. Are there different family coaching approaches?
6. What can a mum coach do for me?
7. How to choose the right parental coach for us?

1. What is a parenting coach?

The terms parenting coach and family coach are sometimes used interchangeably. There is no instruction manual for parenting, and there is so much (often conflicting) information out there, that is can be difficult to know where to turn for advice. A parenting or family coach is a person who can help you to address the challenges you are facing at your particular stage of parenting. Their purpose is to provide the tools and support you need as you work towards achieving your parenting goals, and overcoming your parenting difficulties. A coach does not treat underlying diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health conditions.

2. What types of family coaches are there?

Family coaches may have their own area of focus. Some parenting coaches work exclusively with expectant parents or new parents, while others focus on other life stages such as early childhood or the teen years. Other family coaches specialise in the unique challenges and dynamics families face. When choosing a coach, you should have some idea about what your specific need is (for example helping an only child adjust to a new sibling) and make sure that your chosen coach is the right person to support you in this specific area. All coaches should aim to provide a safe and supportive space for you, and equip you with the tools you need to work on your unique area of focus.

3. How can a parenting or family coach help me?

Each parenting coach will offer a unique approach and skillset to support you in your parenting journey.

You may benefit from the services of a parenting coach if:

  • You and your partner have differing expectations surrounding pregnancy or parenthood.
  • You are trying to decide what kind of parenting style will work best for you.
  • You are faced with a barrage of conflicting parenting information and you don’t know which advice to follow.
  • Your kids are struggling within the family dynamic.
  • You and your partner have different ideas about aspects of parenting such as discipline, education, and house rules.
  • You are needing to parent through a crisis or a loss.
  • You are struggling to set boundaries, either within the family itself or with others.
  • Your family is in a transitional stage eg. from infancy to toddlerhood, or childhood to the pre-teen stage.
  • You need help in establishing a work/family balance.

4. What is the difference between coaching and counselling (or therapy)?

A counsellor or therapist will usually focus on addressing past issues that are causing a current problem. Coaching is future focussed and aims to help you to develop actionable strategies that  will contribute towards you attaining your goals or solving a problem. While a coach might consider the past and how it relates to limiting your belief systems, they will focus on goals, action, and accountability.

5. Are there different family coaching approaches?

There is no standard approach to family coaching and each coach will differ with regard to the services they offer, and the approach they take. Because a standardised experience cannot be expected you might like to interview prospective coaches so that they can clearly outline their approach to coaching and what will be required of you and your partner or family during this time. A good coach will be able to teach skills that you will be able to incorporate into your family situation both now and in the future.

6. What can a mum coach do for me?

Mum coaches specialise in helping mums (and mums-to-be) identify their goals and expectations of motherhood. Some mum coaches focus on pregnancy and birth preparation, while others assist mothers in identifying their vision of motherhood. By looking at your values and expectations, a mum coach can support you as you work towards your mothering goals and address areas that may be causing you stress or guilt for example. 

7. How do we choose the right parental coach for us?

Here are 5 tips for choosing a parental coach:

  • Choose a parental coach that specialises in your area of need for example pregnancy, early childhood, adolescence etc.
  • Look for a coach that is experienced, qualified, and has received adequate training.
  • Make sure you can easily meet with your coach. This might mean finding someone close to your home or work, or connecting with someone available for online sessions.
  • Ask your parental coach how long their engagement process takes and make sure this is within your budget.

Parenting is often a collaborative journey, and retaining the services of a family coach is a great way of ensuring that you are empowered and supported as a family, a parent, and as an individual.

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