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Interview Sascha Zeldenrijk, orthomolecular therapist in Vreeland

In this interview, Sascha (owner of Foodstappen) tells us how orthomolecular therapy changed her life and how she is uses it to help new and future parents on their parenthood journey.

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Orthomolecular therapy pregnancy

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about orthomolecular therapy?

My name is Sascha and I am an orthomolecular therapist. I mostly help women who are trying to conceive restore a good hormonal balance and I give nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement advice to pregnant women for them to lead the healthiest possible pregnancy.  

When meeting with a new client, I usually ask them to first fill in a form answering several questions about their overall health (disease background, physical complaints,…).

I combine these information with a holistic blood test which helps show nutrients deficiencies, stress levels, energetic blockages and organs functioning levels. 

With the form and the blood test results, I can suggest and discuss a personalised plan that is really tailored to the needs of my client. 

When couples are thinking about having a baby, I really recommend both the woman and the man to perform the blood test. Because if you want to make a baby, you need a healthy dad and a healthy mum, right?

Why did you choose this career?

Well it started with myself. I was diagnosed with a Polycystic Ovary Syndrom (PCOS – which is a hormonal disorder) 5 years ago. Doctors told me that I could just go on the birth control pill and let them know when I would want to have kids. But that did not sound right to me. My body was doing something it was not supposed to and there had to be a reason. Taking the birth control pill would just mask the symptoms for a while but the day I would want to have kids, I would need support from the doctors and it is not something I was comfortable with. 

So I decided to fix the problem myself. I researched online and found out that I was not the only one, and that others had managed to fix the problem by implementing lifestyle and nutrition changes on their own. I did it for myself, and it worked. And then I thought: why not help other women? That is what I am doing now! 

What can your services/ your therapy do for future parents? How can it help them on their journey to parenthood?

Well, a body needs to be in its healthiest shape to conceive a baby! I help reduce nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances for both men and women to maximize their chances of conceiving a baby naturally.

What are the different services you offer?

In addition to the services I mentioned earlier, I just added an extra service to my offer which I call “breath work”. It is a little bit different to my other specialty (orthomolecular therapy). 

During a “breath work” session, I help my client use their own breath to heal traumas from the past and release stress. I let them visualize the energy streams they have in their body, which I call “rivers”. And in those “rivers” we look together for “stones”. “Stones are the struggles from the past which we want to release. 

“Breath work” is a good way to reduce stress without having to talk. And since stress can negatively impact one’s ability to conceive, I think it is also very relevant for future parents!

What is the one advice you wish every new and expectant parent would receive?

I would love men and women to know that health and nutrition is something they can work on every day. That having a health check-up once in a while, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating the right food can, in many cases, help prevent doctor visits and health issues. There’s a lot we can take into our own hands! 

And when you think about it, isn’t it funny that you bring your car every year to have it checked but that you wait until your body has a problem to fix it?

Why did you decide to join Parentally?

There aren’t any other platforms like this one today. And I believe that it will be very helpful for parents and parents-to-be to have a place where they can find all the information they need and discover that there is a lot of help in natural ways. So I think it’s very important that a platform like Parentally exists.

And there is a little bit in it for me, of course, if clients can find me more easily!

Want to know more about Sascha? Browse her profile, discover the services she offers and book an appointment with her on Parentally now : Sascha Zeldenrijk

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