Prepare for the arrival of your baby with a birth preparation course

If you (or your partner) are pregnant, you might wonder how to best prepare for birth. A birth preparation course will help you feel more prepared for the arrival of your baby and gain confidence for the months to come. Read out our full article to choose the class that best fits your needs!

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1. What is a birth preparation course? 
2. When should I take a birth preparation class? 
3. Are birthing classes worth it? 
4. Hypnobirthing, mindful birthing, are these methods for me? 
5. How do I prepare for water birth?
6. Is it possible to find online birthing classes? 
7. Browse through our network of childbirth educators and book a course now!

1. What is a birth preparation course? 

Birth preparations courses are meant to prepare you for labour and birth. They will also cover late pregnancy and address early parenting topics. Most birth preparation courses cover:

  • Late pregnancy 
  • Stages of labour 
  • Role of partner
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Pain relief
  • Complications
  • Breastfeeding 

The classes are often split in weekly sessions or bundled in a one day intensive course, and can be followed individually or with a group. Partners are generally more than welcome to join, since they play an active role during labour. Online birthing classes are also widely available – see our section dedicated to childbirth preparation courses. All the information you will receive during these sessions will help you write your own personal birth plan (home or hospital birth, with our without medication, water birth, etc.).

2. When should I take a birth preparation class? 

Prenatal classes are usually recommended in the last trimester of pregnancy so that all information is still fresh in your mind when giving birth! But if you feel the need to build up your confidence and knowledge earlier on, it is certainly possible to follow a class in your 2nd trimester.

In any case, register on time as some birth preparation courses fill up quickly!   

3. Are birthing classes worth it? 

A birth preparation course will give you all the information you need to take an active role in your own birth, allowing you to make informed decisions and work with your labour. If you want to feel prepared, confident and in control, a birth preparation class will definitely help.  

4. Hypnobirthing, mindful birthing, are these methods for me? 

You might have heard about hypnobirthing or mindful birthing – not knowing exactly what these terms mean. Although the two practices are close, they can be distinguished as follows: 

Hypnobirthing focuses on self-hypnosis, using affirmations, visualisations and relaxation/ breathing techniques to train the brain to give a relaxation response on demand. 

Mindful birthing teaches how to work with pain, fear and uncertainty and to shift perspectives by optimising the mind/ body connection. 

Hypnobirthing is based on the power of suggestion to help you relax and become less fearful of pain. You will be taught to think of labor differently and imagine positive scenarios. To learn more about hypnobirthing, visit our dedicated article here

Mindful birthing will help you manage the pain by learning to welcome it and work with it, hence reducing the likelihood of feeling overwhelmed.  It will also teach you how to accept, let go and trust – these principles might be useful in case birth does not go as planned for example. 

5. How do I prepare for water birth?

Water birth is the process of giving birth in water, using a bath or a water pool, at home, in a birthing center or at the hospital. Water birth can help relax and support your weight, helping with pain and movement. Water birth is only possible if you have a low risk pregnancy and the option should be discussed with your midwife prior to birth. 

There are no birth preparation classes especially focusing on water birth but you can ask for advice to your childbirth educator, your midwife or your doula as they will all have assisted several water births before and will certainly have experience and tips to share.

6. Is it possible to find online birthing classes? 

In the light of the current COVID situation, most providers now offer online birthing classes so all future parents can continue receiving the support they need. Some organise live meetings, others will record videos that you can to watch at your own convenience. Choose what is most appealing and convenient for you! An online birthing class will certainly provide you with all the information you need. 

7. Browse through our network of childbirth educators and book a course now! 

Want to book an online birthing class or a mindful birthing class now? Browse through our selected network of educators, select the one who most closely meets your needs and book a class when you are both available. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our team at hello@parentally.nl. We are here to help! 

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